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Preschool Curriculum

The Compass School preschool program employs a Reggio-inspired, project-based approach to early childhood education. Teachers deliver an “emergent curriculum,” predicated on the emerging interests, ideas, and questions of the children. Project work provides ample opportunity for discussion, decision-making, choices, cooperation, and evaluation during the course of an investigation. Projects can last days, weeks, or even months based on the interests and enthusiasm of the children. Through these projects, teachers routinely plan and deliver a wide variety of educational experiences, which incorporate emergent literacy, music, art, dramatic play, motor development, math, nature, and science. Kindergarten readiness is emphasized by integrating state learning standards throughout ongoing educational experiences. Specialty teachers deliver additional programming such as art, music & movement, language & culture and/or fitness on a weekly basis.

Classroom Environments

The Compass School preschool wing houses several specialty classrooms. Each classroom serves as a “homeroom,” and can also be visited by any child on “connecting” days. Preschool classrooms include the Inventor’s Workshop, Science Lab, Art Studio, Sound Stage, and more. These rooms are equipped with unique theme-related features, as well as the basic supplies and equipment needed to offer a diverse educational experience. Computers are accessible in each classroom in order to document learning and also facilitate early exposure to technology. Classroom lofts may offer the opportunity for adventurous dramatic play, or a quiet space for reading. The plaza provides a community meeting space as well as an open area for gross motor activities or small group activities.


Children’s work is documented for every child through individual portfolios, and learning experiences are also communicated using journals, project boards, daily highlights, and more. The preschool experience may also include field trips which allow students to extend their learning into the community. Such outings provide the opportunity to research and collect data in order to bring projects to life, and enhance the depth of knowledge that is shared through documentation.

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