Welcome to The Compass School of Warrenville’s virtual tour page. We are so proud of our school and excited to be sharing it with you. We cannot wait to learn more about your family and the learning experience you want for your child. After you have had time to review the videos below, we will schedule a Q&A with you to discuss the specifics of your family’s needs and answer any additional questions you may have.

Meet the Directors of The Compass School of Warrenville:

BrynnBrynn Carrell – Executive Director

My name is Brynn Carrell and I am the Executive Director of The Compass School in Warrenville. I started with Compass as a preschool teacher 10 years ago at our Naperville South location. I am incredibly passionate about the Reggio Emilia philosophy and feel strongly that this is the best way for children to learn. I hold a bachelor’s degree from Columbia College in Chicago in Early Childhood Education and have been to Reggio Emilia Italy on a study tour. Compass is an amazing company to work for, and I am so fortunate to be a part of this school community.


20200608_113815Brittany Zakerski – Assistant Director

My name is Brittany Zakerski and I am the Assistant Director of The Compass School in Warrenville. I started at Compass 6 years ago as a preschool teacher. I went to Central Michigan University and have a bachelor’s degree in sociology and child development. I love that Compass can offer children a balance of structure and unique learning experiences. My favorite part of my job is building connections with families at our school. I am grateful to be a part of such a supportive organization.

At The Compass School, we firmly believe that our child-centered philosophy, outstanding teachers, and unparalleled level of communication will provide you and your child with the best possible early education and child care experience. Please click on the videos below to learn more about the dynamic programs that we offer for children. 


Our Reggio-Inspired approach is grounded in a strong image of the child. We view each child as powerful, unique, and capable. We value their thoughts, interests, imagination, and enthusiasm. The role of the teacher is to co-navigate the learning journey while provoking ideas, problem solving, encouraging dialogue, and sharing educational experiences alongside the children. We embrace the connection between home, school, and the community. We recognize the important role that our learning environment plays as the third teacher.

Documentation and Parent Communication

At The Compass School, we recognize that outstanding communication is an essential component of a high quality school experience for any parent. We pride ourselves on exceeding your expectations with an unparalleled level of timely and high-quality information regarding your child’s social, emotional, and cognitive development. Numerous channels are utilized in support of this mission: Daily highlights are emailed out to parents each day discussing what the class did that day. Go home journals are a composition notebook that are sent home weekly with your child. This allows for an ongoing dialogue between teacher and parent. Portfolios are kept in the classroom for each child. The portfolio is a compilation of pictures, quotes, artwork, and writing samples (if applicable). Shutterfly is also used in every classroom. All the photos taken in the class are posted to a classroom Shutterfly page that can be accessed by parents.

Teacher Qualifications

The Compass School is committed to hiring, training, and supporting talented and educated early childhood professionals. We understand that the quality of your child’s care and education is determined by the work and attitude of his or her teacher.

Food Service

For a sample lunch menu, click here: Sample Lunch Menus
For a sample snack menu, click here: Sample Snack Menu

Specials and Extra Curricular Activities

For a sample listing of our extra curriculars, click here: Extra Curriculars

School Safety and Security

Health and Sanitation Guidelines


The Compass School strives to maintain a community of mutual respect for our children, teachers, and parents. This respect includes a climate of open communication, where children’s questions, ideas, thoughts, and feelings are listened to and encouraged. Children are encouraged to share their concerns and are actively involved in solving conflict or disagreement. The children are guided in this conflict resolution by being encouraged to make positive choices, learning from natural and logical consequences, and being responsible for the choices they make.


Infant program

Our infant space is designed for babies to move, explore, and discover. The environment is free of swings, highchairs, or traditional constraints. Natural lighting, thoughtfully displayed materials, and interesting manipulatives invite curiosity while promoting a calm ambiance. Daily routines facilitate social and emotional security through the creation of a predictable classroom environment, centered around the interest and needs of the child. Art, music, language, and fine/gross motor activities are introduced to support curricular objectives.

Toddler & Two-Year-Old Programs

Classroom spaces are designed for curious children who are on the move! Blocks, tubes, and other interesting materials provide the resources for children to build, create, experiment, and learn. The toddler is just learning to communicate verbally and developing the ability to share feelings and negotiate with peers in a group setting. Teachers facilitate a classroom atmosphere where toddlers are treated as capable individuals, whose opinions, actions, and thoughts are respected and valued. Significant emphasis is placed on modeling appropriate language and behavior, to create a respectful environment where trust, self-esteem, autonomy, communication, and teamwork are represented. 

Preschool Program & Junior Kindergarten Programs

Our preschool and Junior K programs employ a Reggio-inspired, project-based approach to early childhood education. Teachers deliver an emergent curriculum, predicated on the emerging interests, ideas, and questions of the children. Project work provides ample opportunity for discussion, decision-making, choices, cooperation, and evaluation during an investigation. Through these projects, teachers routinely plan and deliver a wide variety of educational experiences, which incorporate emergent literacy, music, art, dramatic play, motor development, math, nature, and science. 

School Age/Before and After School Program

Our school-age programs offer the right mix of recreation and education after a full day in the classroom. Children will balance homework time, organized games and activities, and free play on the playground. The Compass school offers a safe and positive environment for friends to gather and share laughs and camaraderie during their elementary years.

Tuition and Fees

To register your child at The Compass School please contact us at 630-791-9525 or email us at compass.warrenville@gmail.com.  We look forward to talking with you and answering any questions you have!

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