Why Are Routines Important For Infants?

Creating Social and Emotional Development

Children of any age can thrive in a structured, predictable environment because consistent routines encourage development and learning. Of course, predictability and stability not only help children develop trust for others and their environment, but they help to foster a sense of security. Although children typically gain these sentiments naturally and at their own pace, routines and schedules are critical in responding to their needs and reinforcing a stable learning environment. This is especially true for infants who are just beginning to develop physically, emotionally and intellectually.

The Compass School understands that infants have unique needs. The program for this age group follows a daily routine which is geared around the interests and needs of each infant. It is all about promoting movement, exploration, and discovery. Classrooms are engaging, free of swings, high chairs and other constraints found in typical child care facilities. The use of natural lighting thoughtfully displayed materials, and interesting manipulatives invite curiosity while promoting a calm ambiance.

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Developmentally Appropriate Curriculum

A primary focus of The Compass School’s infant program is to support and encourage infants in their earliest stages of development. Teachers consistently communicate intentions and outcomes to infants in order to foster independence. This further expands emotional development by instilling feelings of trust and security. Through respectable communication strategies, teachers read cues to understand an infant’s needs. Finally, a predictable routine, shaped by infant and supported by the teacher, establishes repetition which is proven to have a significant impact on intellectual development.

The Compass School understands that families have different needs when it comes to infant care. This is why we offer two, three, or five full day a week options in our infant program. You’re encouraged to schedule a tour of our facility to meet our teachers and see our engaging, thoughtful infant programs in action. To schedule a tour or request an information packet, contact us today.