How to Stay Calm and Know Your Kids Are Not Falling Behind In School

Many parents during this time of online schooling and social distancing at home are worried that their children are falling behind in school. While the worry is understandable, many experts are voicing that children may be excelling in areas that help them grow into thriving adults. Others say that modern parenting sets very high goals and instead recommends staying calm while setting kinder, more realistic goals. All-in-all, parents should give themselves a break and just know that they are trying their best. 

To help parents who are dealing with homeschooling during social distancing and who want to incorporate a Reggio-Emilia inspired approach into their teaching, we gathered some home education resources that will help your child learn and continue to grow. 


Create a Child-Led Homeschool Schedule

Homeschooling is a great opportunity for children to take control of what they want to study, if age-appropriate, so that they can pursue their interests. In addition to the curriculum you set for your child, have them choose a passion project to work on. Allowing them to become invested in their learning schedule helps actively engage them.


Read With Your Children

Now is a great time to sit down and read your children’s favorite books or review the news to help explain all that is happening. Let your child decide what they would like to read and assist them when necessary. This will help your children continue to improve their reading comprehension while taking the lead. A number of local libraries have e-books available for checkout, and the Time for Kids digital library is free for the rest of the year! If you need someone to help read a book to your child, Storyline Online is a great resource as a number of popular books are read aloud by professional actors.


Incorporating Reggio-Emilia Inspired Art and Culture Lessons

Some parents worry that they cannot provide enough exposure to art or cultural topics from home. Don’t stress – there are a number of resources that can easily be mixed into a Reggio-Emilia inspired lesson. Below is a list of art and cultural resources that are helpful.

  • Google Arts and Culture – Let your child decide what or where they would like to explore.
  • Daily Doodles with Mo Willems – The Kennedy Center has put together a wonderful series of videos that help children explore drawing daily. 
  • Decorate a Cake – Having your child bake a cake, with parental guidance when necessary, and then decorate it however they would like it a great creative exercise.
  • Coloring Pages – Giving your child a blank coloring page, with a small amount of guidance from the image on the page, provides a great opportunity for their creativity to soar.


Remind Yourself That You’re Doing Your Best

It is very important for parents to remind themselves that they are providing the best schooling that they can. From preschool at home to higher education, each has its own unique challenges. Embracing those challenges and working together with your child to cultivate an environment conducive for learning is the aim.

If you need reassurance that you are doing okay and that your child is not falling behind, check out this great TED Talk and this amazing list about why homeschooling through this uncertain time is different.


Reach Out For Help

If you need assistance with incorporating a Reggio-Emilia inspired approach into your homeschool curriculum, feel free to contact us. Also, check out our Reggio-Emilia inspired schools in Virginia, Ohio, and Illinois to see which one is closest to you.