The Importance of Returning to In-Person Learning

What is In-Person Learning?

In-person learning is where children are physically present at their child care center or school and educational instruction is done in-person. In-person learning tends to be more active, involved, and helps connect children to other children around them and to their instructor. 

Why is In-Person Learning Important?

During these unprecedented times, many parents and children are having to learn how to take part in virtual learning. While distance learning has its benefits, many people feel that in-person learning is just too important to replace. 

In fact, the CDC has even written extensively on the effects that extended virtual learning may have on children and why in-person learning is essential for children, especially young children of preschool age, developing their social and emotional skills. In addition, in-person education provides safety to children whose parents are unable to care for them while they are working. This is especially true during the current coronavirus crisis as child care teachers are proving why they are essential workers and that child care is a critical service that supports our communities.

Author Lynette Fraga wrote in Child Care Exchange magazine that 2.3 million healthcare workers currently lack access to child care providers. Knowing that these healthcare workers must go to work without access to in-person child care institutions highlights the importance of returning to in-person learning for both children and parents.

How Does In-Person Learning Help Your Child’s Education?

Having a child physically present helps instructors track a child’s engagement and progress, and in-person learning helps a child develop at a steady pace when compared to scenarios without in-person learning. Having a physical location also provides ease of mind to parents knowing that their child is being properly cared for while they work. This is even more important for parents who have children with special needs, such as ADHD, that benefit greatly from in-person learning.

What Precautions Are We Taking?

The Compass School is routinely monitoring guidance from the CDC and other governing health agencies to ensure that all safety protocols are in place to maintain healthy school environments for children, families, and staff. 

Some of the many safety protocols we have at our locations are:

  • All employees wear a face covering when working with children.
  • Nonessential visitors are not allowed in the school.
  • Helping children ensure frequent and effective hand-washing is done throughout the day.
  • Toys are rotated and routinely disinfected.
  • All crib and cot sheets are laundered daily.
  • Social distancing is practiced as much as possible throughout the day.
  • Routine reminders to children to avoid touching one’s eyes, nose, and mouth.

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