Reggio-Inspired Educational Philosophy

Reggio-inspired learning is an adaptation of an early education philosophy originating out of an Italian town called Reggio Emilia. In America, we use the term “inspired” because the Italian-based program is unique to that city’s government, community and residents.

Reggio-inspired learning leads with the belief that children are full of potential and creativity, and that knowledge needs to be brought out using their natural curiosity as opposed to being achieved by filling in blanks with information. The Reggio-inspired curriculum is flexible and emerges from children’s ideas, thoughts and observations. Emphasis is placed on respect, responsibility, exploration and self-expression.

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Our Early Childhood Programs

At The Compass School, early childhood programs are based on the following principles:

  • The child is capable of constructing their own form of learning based on their interests, passions, creativity and curiosity. Their interactions with other children and people within the community are how they discover themselves. Communication isn’t cut and dry, rather a process and journey. The Reggio-inspired philosophy believes communication comes in many different forms. Children communicate through languages like music, dance, drawing, movement, painting and friendship.
  • Teachers in Reggio-inspired programs wear many hats. They are mentors, guides, researchers, resources, and most importantly they are co-learners alongside the child. As opposed to instructing a classroom of children, the teacher carefully listens and observes to learn more about each student, and how they may best stimulate their individual style of thinking. Teachers are the contributor to the child’s capacity to learn.he environment in a Reggio-inspired school is an extension of the teacher.
  • The space is carefully organized to encourage each child to engage in a variety of activities and self-discovery. Common areas and spaces for group work are central, as well as cozy, informal nooks for one or several children to collaborate. In the Reggio-inspired classroom you’ll see mirrors on floors, wall-sized windows and furnishings that draw on the natural environment.

There is so much more to learn about The Compass School’s Reggio-inspired programs that we encourage interested parents to see for themselves. Contact us today to request information  or request a tour of one of our state-of-the-art facilities. Tours are offered during school hours so you can experience our dynamic programs in action, as well as meet our amazing staff. We look forward to seeing you.