What is the Importance of Parent Involvement in Reggio-Emilia?

In our culture, instant access and real-time information is something we’ve come to expect. What’s surprising is that in regards to communication with parents, many preschools and child care centers still operate in an outdated mentality. Emails, online portals, and newsletters are some ways schools keep parents in the loop. Yet with so much occurring in a day’s time, it seems nearly impossible to communicate everything to a parent about their child’s progress. Add to these challenges policies on pick up/drop off which make it hard to get a word in with the teacher at the start or end of the day.

Emphasis on Teacher and Parent Communication

Reggio-inspired programs emphasize parent communication and go beyond outdated, even traditional channels. Since parents are viewed as vital components and contributors to the school’s philosophy, they’re encouraged to involve themselves in every aspect of the curriculum. Teachers recognize and respect parents as a child’s primary teacher. Reggio-inspired programs position educators as advocates and learners alongside the children, as the “second teacher”.



When considering a preschool program or child care, it’s important to make sure that the communication standards of the program are in line with your expectations, and that the proper channels exist to facilitate timely exchange of information. Here are a few questions you may ask when touring schools…

  • What communication channels are available to keep you informed?
  • What tools are used to assess progress?
  • How often do teachers communicate curriculum highlights of the classroom?
  • What methods are used to document your child’s work?
  • How frequently are portfolios and progress reports sent home?
  • How often are parent-teacher conferences offered?
  • What is the policy on visiting during school hours?
  • Is technology updated and utilized routinely to share information?

Our parent evaluation form was designed as a helpful way for parents to collect and organize their thoughts and opinions when evaluating schools.


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The Compass School believes there is no such thing as too much communication. We feel parents have every right to get honest, detailed answers to any questions they may have during their child’s time in our school. We welcome your questions and are anxious to share the many ways we communicate with, and involve parents in our programs. Contact The Compass School today to request tuition and program information or schedule a tour!