Infant Care: RIE/Pikler Methodology

Infant Development

Many parents find themselves going back to work only a few short weeks or months after the birth of their child. Naturally, finding the right type of infant care can be an emotional and overwhelming challenge. Babies depend on adults for nurturing and support, and this time is critical to developing trust and security. It’s also a pivotal period for establishing routine.

The Compass School offers infant programs from one month to one year of age. These programs follow the RIE/Pickler methodology. RIE stands for “Resources for Infant Educarers”. This philosophy is based on the idea that while infants are dependent on adults, they have the innate ability and desire to actively participate in exploring their environment. Educators and caregivers are encouraged to engage in meaningful, communicative interactions with infants.

The Pikler Approach

Like The Compass Schools’ toddler and preschool programs follow Reggio-inspired, self-guided learning philosophies, our infant programs are based on a similar, age-appropriate adaptation. RIE/Pickler methods are geared specifically for infants with the idea that they should have the freedom to participate in spontaneous, self-initiated activities to best develop their movement and gross motor skills. The environment is safely and thoughtfully designed for this age group. Free of restraints like swings and other electronic contraptions, our class environments use natural furnishings and other interesting pieces to spark an infant’s curiosity. The Compass School believes calm, yet intriguing spaces motivate infants to grow, develop and learn.

Self-discovery and spontaneous play are important for infants, as is establishing a daily routine. Teachers support the infant’s cues, and develop appropriate routines and habits based on their needs. The clock doesn’t dictate the day, rather provides an outline for establishing a routine. Building relationships and communicating with the infant’s parents also plays a critical role in providing a high quality infant care experience.

Respect is the primary force behind the RIE/Pickler methodology, and the goal of our program is to help infants develop into authentic individuals who feel secure, appreciated and self-sufficient. This is achieved by promoting creativity and showing respect for every child’s experiences. If you are interested in The Compass School’s infant programs, please contact us today to request an information packet and schedule a tour.


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