After School Care Matters

What Happens After School Matters

Filling the child care gap in school-aged children is challenging for any parent. After school programs help bridge this gap by offering a safe and fun place for children while their parents finish the work day. After school programs give them the opportunity to participate in organized activities, explore their curiosity and discover new interests.

Here are some benefits of enrolling your child in an after school program:

Expanding current pursuits and learning new skills. Whether your child is interested in technology, art, sports or another area of appeal, our students are encouraged to focus on further developing those skills. The Compass School provides an open, engaging environment for students to unleash their curiosity.

Improving academic achievement. Students can choose to use their time catching up on school assignments, or bonus work and other special projects. The Compass School provides comfortable, quiet spaces for homework, studying and computer research.


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Benefits of After School Programs

Keeping children safe. After school programs provide a safe, secure environment for students during these times.

Relieving stress in homes where both parents work. Working parents know where their children are between school release and the time their work day ends. Relieving this stress translates to a more peaceful, relaxing home environment.

Establishing youth as part of the community. The Compass School engages students in “real life” projects which offers enriching opportunities to get involved not only with the school, but in the community at-large.

The Compass School’s after school program balances recreation and education to offer an enriching experience for every student. We welcome you to check out our program in session to get a sense for our engaging, fun after school experience. To visit our facility and receive program information, locate The Compass School nearest to you today!