Early Childhood Professionals

Our goal is to employ a happy, caring and committed team of educators who share a passion for teaching and early childhood education. We know that you and your child will love our teachers as much as we do!

The Compass School is committed to hiring, training, and supporting talented and educated early childhood professionals. We understand that the quality of your child’s care and education is determined by the work and attitude of his or her teacher(s).

Unlike Traditional Child Care

In many aspects, The Compass School is unlike a traditional child care setting because we:

  • Seek degreed and qualified teachers for all programs
  • Offer competitive compensation packages
  • Provide health and dental benefits
  • Furnish paid vacation/time off as well as paid holidays
  • Encourage opportunities for professional development
  • Invest over 53% of tuition revenue in payroll and benefits for employees (data 2014)

Teachers receive thorough training and support regarding the Reggio-inspired philosophy, the Project Approach, state regulations, and more. There are staff members with formal first aid and CPR training on site at all times.

Faculty Qualifications

For more specific information about staff qualifications at The Compass School near you, please use the “Locations” menu to select a school, and then follow the “Staff Qualifications” link.

“Children are searching for the real meaning of life. We believe in their possibilities to grow. That is why we do not hurry to give them answers; instead, we invite them to think about where the answers might lie.”

Carlina Rinaldi