Parent-Teacher Communication

At The Compass School, we recognize that outstanding communication is an essential component of a high quality school experience for any parent. We pride ourselves on exceeding your expectations with an unparalleled level of timely and high quality information regarding your child’s social, emotional, and cognitive development. Numerous channels are utilized in support of this mission:


Each child has their own portfolio binder, which is updated routinely by his/her classroom teachers. The portfolio is a compilation of pictures, quotes, artwork, writing samples (if applicable), and information regarding developmental milestones, that chronicles each individual child’s growth and development at The Compass School. Each portfolio is accessible in the classroom, and parents can reference it at any time to gather information about their child’s early learning experiences. As children transition into older programs, the portfolio transitions with them, and at the end of your family’s Compass School experience, the portfolio is yours to keep as a record of your child’s progress through the years.

“Go Home” Journals

We know that you’re busy! Finding time to connect with your child’s teacher(s) can be a challenge, especially when juggling work and parenting responsibilities. Our Go Home Journal is an excellent resource for staying apprised of your child’s weekly endeavors at The Compass School. The Go Home Journal is a notebook that allows for ongoing written dialogue between teacher and parent. Your teacher(s) will write a paragraph or two in the journal every week, providing information and communication regarding your child’s development. You may choose to take the journal home over the weekend and add to the written communication chain. By sharing this continuous dialogue, the school and the family strengthen the shared responsibility inherent in the educational process, which helps to enhance our learning community in a manner consistent with the Reggio-inspired approach.

Daily Highlights

Daily Highlights provide a general overview of the activities and educational experiences taking place in your child’s classroom. These highlights are delivered daily via e-mail. This information is not specific to the individual child, but rather keeps you informed regarding the daily pursuits of the group as a whole. Given a child’s propensity to respond to the age-old question of “What did you do today?” with “Nothing” or “I played,” these highlights will arm you with timely knowledge for deeper inquiries around the dinner table!

Lesson Plans/“Forecasts”

Our talented teachers systematically navigate the Reggio-inspired curriculum by creating and updating forecasts (lesson plans) on a continuous basis. Forecasts are posted on the parent communication board for each classroom, so that information is readily available regarding how and what children are learning. Each forecast requires our teachers to document and reflect upon their observations regarding children’s interests in the classroom, and to mesh those interests with the curricular goals of the program. From those reflections and brainstorming, our emergent curriculum comes to life. Next, teachers will begin “webbing” with the group, by creating a visual representation of the interests and ideas of the children, pertaining to the chosen project topic. The forecast will also share which activities are planned for the classroom in order to deliver a well-rounded curriculum, equally inclusive of early math, science, literacy, language development, art, music, dramatic play, and nature experiences. These lesson plans will provide parents affirmation of a well-rounded, child-centered curriculum in action.

Documentation Panels

Throughout the school, teachers utilize documentation panels to provide visual evidence of the learning process (using photographs, artwork, data, and other samples of children’s work). Since our project-based curriculum is very fluid, these panels act as an important communication resource for parents, by visually reinforcing how the content of the lesson plan is being delivered. Documentation is the means by which we share our curriculum and communicate what children are learning within our community.

Our Commitment

We are here for you! At The Compass School, we realize that finding the right program for your child can be a stressful and emotional process. When you arrive at your child’s school, you want to enter into a warm and welcoming family environment, where you and your child are greeted and feel like an important part of the community. The Reggio-inspired philosophy is predicated on “building community.” Your family helps make us who we are. It’s a privilege to play an important role in your child’s development, and we welcome the opportunity to share your child’s experiences at The Compass School with you. Our philosophy teaches us that the learning journey is even more meaningful than the end result, and we hope that your participation and continuous feedback will help us to grow and improve as a school each and every day.

“We see every child as strong and powerful… as unique: having rights rather than simply needs.”

Carlina Rinaldi